Valentine’s Day

Don’t have any idea on where to take your date on Valentine’s Day? Do not worry, visit for cool/fun things to do with your date! Take couple pictures at the “you’re my butter half” or “i love you so much” walls! The possibilities are endless, just take a minute and discover the adventurous/meaningful places here in Austin.

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Super Bowl

Save the date of Sunday Feb. 1st at 7:20pm (central time)! The Seattle Seahawks are playing against The New England Patriots at Glendale, Arizona in this year’s NFL Super Bowl. Take some time off to watch Super Bowl XLIX and the hilarious commercials that are included! Tune in to find out who will win!

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Weekend Entertainment Update

Hope everyone’s New Year is starting off right! For anyone still looking for an apt for the Fall Semester of 2015 GrandMarc still have some studio (smart housing only), studio hybrids, and one bedroom apartments available. If you ever find yourself bored, check out Netflix. Netflix has added the TV show Friends. If you are in the mood to watch a funny, classic 90s sitcom then this show is for you. If you like suspense, watch Sherlock, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Dexter. For those who are into anime, try Psycho Pass, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Magi, and Hunter x Hunter. Lastly, tune into ESPN at 7:30 central time (Monday January 12, 2015)and watch the NCAA football national championship game between Ohio State and Oregon.

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Kickoff the New Year of 2015!

With the NFL Playoffs and the NCAA Bowl games, this makes the months of December and January a great time to watch Football. The NFL Playoffs kickoff with Wildcard Weekend. On Saturday Jan 3rd, the Arizona Cardinals are playing at Carolina to face the Panthers, and the Baltimore Ravens are playing at Pittsburgh to face their division rivals, the Steelers. On Sunday Jan 4th, the Cincinnati Bengals go to Indianapolis to play the Colts and the Detroit Lions travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys. Whoever you are rooting for, there is no doubt that this weekend is a football filled weekend!
The Patriots, Seahawks, Broncos, and Packers all have bye weeks this week because they finished first and second in the AFC and NFC conference. Don’t forget that the Pro Bowl ballots are in and you can watch your favorite NFL players go head to head in the Pro Bowl game on Sunday, Jan 25th on ESPN at 8:00pm ET.
As for the Bowl Games, it isn’t too late! There are games continuing from Jan 1st to Jan 12th! You can click the link: ( to look at the schedule and follow along this exciting month of football!
All of this football is a great way to kickoff the 2015 year! Have fun and be safe everyone!

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June-The Best Month for Sports

With  the NBA Playoffs,the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the French OpenWimbledon, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Golf U.S. OpenNASCAR, the X Games (in our awesome city),  and the NCAA World Series (Go Longhorns!), June has proven to be an exciting and eventful month in the world of sports!  It’s amazing to witness such an incredible amount of talent from such a diverse group of athletes all in one month.  While some of these events have already concluded and some have yet to begin, there are two events in particular with huge fan bases, that are currently taking place at the same time!

While the 2014 NBA Playoffs between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat is nearing the last week of competition, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is just getting started!  The 2014 World Cup kicked off June 12th and will end July 13th, so there will be plenty of opportunities to witness this incredible international event!  With the Spurs leading the series over the Heat 3 to 1,  if they win their next game, which is tomorrow, Sunday June 15th on their home court in San Antonio, they win the championship!  If the NBA playoffs continue after Sunday, it will be an action packed week for those who love soccer and basketball.  Needless to say, tomorrow will be another exciting game day for basketball and soccer fans around the world!

Check out the ESPN Sports Calendar for a schedule of all of the sporting events happening this month!

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Summertime Blockbusters

June is just around the corner and it looks like we can expect another hot Texas summer!  As we all know, some days the heat is unbearable and you can’t even imagine leaving that one spot in your house where the air conditioner blows air directly onto your body, but you haven’t seen your friends in weeks!  So what do you do?  If it hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet, you’ll probably head down to the closest river, lake or beach and enjoy the refreshing feeling of cold water on your skin.  Let’s be honest, it’s Texas and some days it’s so hot and dry, being out side is pointless and NOTHING beats heading down to a local theater.  As you walk into the cool, dark theater, the smell of popcorn fills the air and your summertime blues disappear.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite anticipated summer blockbusters and why we think you should check them out.

Maleficent-5/30 : Because your inner child who definitely wants to see Angelina Jolie playing the witch from sleeping beauty.

A million ways to Die in the West-5/30: For the laughs and the cowboys.

Edge of Tomorrow-6/6:Because it’s Tom Cruise fighting aliens.

The Fault in Our Stars-6/6: For the feels, and because everyone needs a good cry.

22 Jumpstreet-6/13: Because let’s be honest, you’ll probably laugh so hard it hurts.

How to Train Your Dragon 2-6/13: For the kids and the young at heart.

Third person-6/20:For the cast and the amazing locations where this film takes place.

Transformers 4-6/27: For the robot fights.


Begin Again-7/4: Because you need a Mark Ruffalo rom-com in your life.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes-7/11: To see apes carrying firearms.

Boyhood-7/11-For your Texan soul.

Guardians of the Galaxy-8/1: For the action packed fun.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-8/7: Because its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lucy-8/8: To see Scarlett Johansson use 100% of her brain to fight bad guys.

The Giver-8/15: Because it’s a film adaptation of a great book which you’ve probably read.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For-8/22: To support your fellow Texan filmmaker.


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Finals are here!

Dead week is finally here. After a semester of slacking off or trying to catch up, you realize that you need to do well on the final to get the grade you want in the class.

Warner Bros. / Via

You should have spent class time listening instead of Snapchatting.

2. When you enter the library, you realize that there are smelly college students studying EVERYWHERE. You decide to study in your dorm/apartment.

Warner Bros. / Via

Energy drinks and coffee cups for days.

3. You keep looking outside and see all these people enjoying the nice weather. Don’t these people have finals?

Warner Bros. / Via

You are the bane of my existence.

4. As you try to absorb all the study material, your friends keep complaining to you about stupid things.

Warner Bros. / Via


5. To make matters worse, your parents call you to tell you how proud of you they are. That means you cannot disappoint them.

Warner Bros. / Via

Thanks mom and dad for the added stress.

6. The day has finally arrived. While you sit around waiting for the tests to be distributed, you realize that you don’t remember anything.

Warner Bros. / Via

Where did everything go?

7. There’s always that one person who brags about how much they studied and how easy they think the test will be.


8. The tests are distributed and you start freaking out.

Warner Bros. / Via

You can do this.

9. Question after question and you realize that you know most of the answers.

Warner Bros. / Via

Hermione Granger has nothing on me.

10. Once you are done with your test, you walk confidently to your professor/TA. You give them that look to tell them that you won this battle.

Warner Bros. / Via



Goodbye struggle bus.

12. And if you have another final…

Good luck!

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Rainy Day Music

Music can compliment an atmosphere like the way crunchy JIF compliments these two slices of jellied bread I have on my plate. Jellied bread is good on its own, but it generally tastes better with peanut butter.

So it’s been raining in Austin for the past several days. It actually rained so much over the weekend that they cancelled the last Sunday of ACL’s second weekend. It’s continuing to drizzle outside, and with the dour mistiness we felt like finding the perfect soundtrack - the ideal soundtrack for our gloomy weather.

We came up with Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Modest Mouse, The Decemberists and Band of Horses. Being from the Northwest, these artists were and are surrounded by consistent rain for 9 months out of the year. As an ode to the gloominess, we prepared this little mix:

1. Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads

2. Band of Horses – Factory

3. Elliott Smith – basically everything on the Goodwill Hunting soundtrack

4. Nirvana – the entire Nevermind album

5. Pearl Jam – Jeremy

6. The Decemberists – Crane Wife 3





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Red River Dubya

Last weekend was chalk full of surprises and fun. That, my friends, is a good combination. UT pounced OU in Dallas in the Red River Rivalry.

Nobody saw that coming. I could rephrase that to say no ‘rationally thinking spectators’ saw that coming. UT has had a very bad start to their season, to put it lightly. OU is top-ranked and was heavily favored to not only win, but to embarrass the Longhorns. The outcome of this game was most important to Mack Brown, the longterm coach of UT and recent recipient of a furvur of, criticism. Hostility. Hostility and criticism. This isn’t surprising, considering that his annual salary exceeds the median income of Texans by roughly $4,945,000, and the team, with the exception of last Saturday’s game, is pretty bad. Hopefully he keeps it up.




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Thoughts on college

College, for most of us is the time of extreme growth in many areas of our lives.  We are introduced to a very new environment, responsibilities and people. Environments challenge our conceptions of daily life. Responsibilities test our maturity levels, adaptability and endurance, with all of the distractions in Austin. People help us along the way, generally.

Since many of us our experiencing these same periods of growth simultaneously, we naturally heighten the importance of our relationships, leading to a great longevity in college friendships and relationships. This is evidenced by the number of college friends my parents, and my friends’ parents still keep up with, after so many years.

Embrace it. Embrace your friends. You only go to college once. Unless you’re a doctor.



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